Meet Us

Ahsen Anwar | 

Ahsen graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA in Design and has been working with photography and videography for over 5 years. His passion for working with people and providing excellent service has led to great customer relationships in small and large project settings.

Ahsen is delighted to work with all of his clients and considers this his dream job. He finds inspiration through traveling, watching YouTube videos, and meeting new friends.

Damian Padilla |

Damian’s enthusiastic career with photography and videography spans over 7 years. He has vast experience with every aspect of video and photo production, including video shoots, short films, college sports, and even major gaming live streams.

Damian is known for his extreme work ethic and taking on several projects at once. In his time away from the camera, he spends time with his wife and daughters.

Evan Losanes |

Evan is a passionate designer and photographer, having done both since 2016. He started with street photography as a gateway into his current career in video production.  He recently fell in love with film photography because he enjoys the process behind it.


He doesn’t really enjoy being in pictures, instead, being behind the camera is where he finds comfort. You can catch him shooting on the streets of Dallas (and hopefully other cities across the globe.)